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Nice Try Though wants to be a creative and inspiring space for authentic leaders of today and tomorrow.

It covers questions big and small like:
What is great leadership? How do you get started? How will your life change when moving into your new role? What’s the practical bases you need to get right? How to find your feedback voice? How to prioritize the right things? How to find balance? And many more… So if you’re up for some real talk and ready to explore some new perspectives, sign up below.
Happy to have you ❤️

What’s in it for now?

  • A monthly newsletter: a kaleidoscope of thoughts around leadership, innovation and the meaning of life. Sometimes personal anecdote, sometimes crazy scribbles from my notebook, sometimes a conversation overheard, then again something completely different. What you can count on: it will always be straight out of life experience, practical advice to get started and meaningful questions that help you explore your own perspective.
  • Templates and tools to fall in love with leadership
  • Access to the full archive
  • Whatever the future brings: collaborations, new contributors, surprise ;)

Its vision:

As much as leadership practice is evolving, this space will also be an evolving experience for you and us. Nice Try Though was founded in January 2022 by myself (Kristina). It will start small and hopefully grow into something bigger, ideally into a club! Reflecting not only one perspective, but inviting as many as possible. (Maybe it will also fail and I will say nice try though. Totally ok!)

Whenever you have feedback on the newsletter and content, you have some other topics you would like to get covered or some urgent questions you want to see answered, feel free to drop me a line here ->