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Truth is something of a fickle mistress

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Whenever I'm stuck in my brain bubble and wonder why others don't see the things I see, don't understand what I say or don't sense the things that I do, I pull up this amazing quote by Katherine Maher, Former Manager Wikimedia

"In our messy human hearts, we know that the #truth is something of a fickle mistress - and the beauty of the truth is in the struggle. There are so many different truths to be explored. I know the truth exists for each of you in this room. It also exists for the person sitting next to you - but the two of you probably don't have the same truths. Truth is when we merge facts about the world with our beliefs about the world. We are a vast and varied world, and our truths are a source of great power. But when we start to use our personal truths as a collective truth, we start to run into trouble."